SC4Real - ‘In The Moment’

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It wasn't too long ago that SC4Real had us utterly enthralled with ‘Hypermode’ and ‘Vol.1 Midnight Music’, two seminal hip-hop releases that were jam-packed with well-crafted beats and sharp lyrical content. Since then, the South Carolina native has been teasing the release of ‘In The Moment', his latest and arguably most captivating release to date.

Released today, the EP delivers three original tracks from SC4Real, highlighting an evolved sound that grips you almost instantly. Openly with ‘Dead Wrong’, SC4Real conjures up a brilliant blend of smooth vibes and cascading beats, stitching together intimate R&B tones with gorgeous synth tones. As the EP continues, ‘G Thank’ emerges as another hip-hop gem, delivering a new, sonically-driven sound that revels in smooth vocal overlays and rolling atmospherics.

For the closing track, ‘Good Girl Gone’, SC4Real puts his all into the track, veering into new creative territory with a guitar-driven intro, dynamic vocals, and a lush, melodic sound that wraps up the new EP in perfect form. Showing he’s not afraid to try new things and expand his horizons, ‘Good Girl Gone’ is a perfect encapsulation of the free-flowing creative energy that permeates every inch of the EP.

Taking every listener on an unmistakable journey through SC4Real’s music and style, ‘In The Moment’ is an impressive follow on from his previous albums. Available now, this is a release that you can’t afford to miss.

Delivering three expertly crafted songs, ‘In The Moment’ is the kind of release that only SC4Real can produce. Steeped in smooth, yet distinctive artistry, and always looking to surprise and enthrall, the new release is one that deserves to be heard and appreciated by all, whether you're a hip-hop fan or not.

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