Daniel Trakell - 'Into The Blue'

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Supreme indie-folk story teller Daniel Trakell shares his sophomore album ‘Into the Blue’. The ten-track album is a sweeping exploration of the nuances of life, parcelled in his unique brand of loveable indie-folk. Driven by a core of heartfelt lyrics that are both personal and universal, Daniel Trakell distils the nuanced bitter-sweet moments of existence.

Daniel explained, "'Into The Blue' means to go into the unknown, or leave without a trace which I really liked as a common theme in my songwriting seems to be escaping.”

The quietness and encompassing calm of nature is palpable in this body of work having been recorded between an old church hall that sits in Mollongghip - a farming community 20 Minutes from Ballarat and Aviary studios in Abbotsford with a full band. Recorded, produced and mixed by the talented Josh Barber (Gretta Ray, Gotye, and Archie Roach), it was then mastered by multi-Grammy, Libera, Fryderyk, & JUNO nominated, ADISQ & SOCAN winning engineer, Shawn Hatfield of AudibleOddities.

Throughout the album Trakell weaves his perceived tapestry of existence, exploring motifs like his affinity to water and the vastness of the ocean (‘Waves’, ‘Second Time Around’), funerals and processions (‘When the Lights Go Down’, ‘Words of the Saviour’) and cataclysmic world-ending events from both the perspective of those saved and those left behind (‘Out Of Time’, ‘Into the blue’).

A common theme throughout the album is the formation and dissolution of relationships - similar to the constant permeability and statelessness of a body of water. Whether between loved ones, nature or the relationship between self and society. Daniel Trakell explores this through topics of isolation, regret, hope and love, providing listeners with a lens to view their place in the world.

Trakell showcases his refined style and instrumentation with his unique double-tracked vocals and harmonious mix of gentle percussive elements (tambourine, drums) and more melodic additions (harmonica, electric guitar) that draws draws inspiration from the likes of 60s-era folk, songs by artists like Townes Van Zandt, Jackson C Frank and Bob Dylan. His gentle, emotive sound lies in a similar vein to artists like early Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Elliott Smith. 

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