SC4Real - ‘Vol.1 Midnight Music’

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A talented producer and artist who first came into view with the release of his ‘Shock Combat’ mixtape, SC4Real has become synonymous with well-crafted beats, sharp lyrical content, and an authentic flair for old school hip-hop aesthetics. After truly making his mark in 2020 with the release of debut album ‘Hypermode’, SC4Real has continued to push boundaries and redefine the scene, channeling his wild creative spriting perfectly in sophomore record ‘Vol.1 Midnight Music’.

A South Carolina native who has been fearlessly building his own style and legacy, SC4Real’s latest album is a landmark piece of hip-hop, showcasing his organic songwriting style and natural talents in perfect form. Having already been heralded as an ‘instant classic’ by Vintage Media Group, the album is a powerful re-introduction to SC4Real, with the artist stepping away from guest spots and featured artists to deliver a cohesive collection of bold hooks, tight vocal flow, and versatile instrumentals.

In true form, ‘Vol.1 Midnight Music’ opens with a slew of intoxicating tracks, capitalising on the artist’s charismatic sound, old school vibes, and a driving energy that is impossible to deny. In the opening tracks of ‘The Warmup 2’ and ‘Let’s Ride’, SC4Reak conjures up vibrant, upbeat anthemics, rapping about moments from his past and the new life that he’s starting. It’s an introspective style wrapped in smooth musical moments, creating an impressive formula that SC4Real twists into every track on the album. In following cuts like ‘Light It Up’ and ‘Feelin’ It’, the artist dips artfully into some of his influences, taking lead from audio snippets and tribute hooks to deliver a timeless sound.

Elsewhere on the record, SC4Real delivers some irresistibly laid back beats in ‘A Good Time’ and ‘Final Fantasy’, two standout tracks that are guaranteed to make SC4Real an international name. Centered on vivid grooves, catchy hooks, and vibrant, vaporwave-esque beats, they’re a tour de force like only SC4Real can produce. Followed by the hip-hop trifecta of ‘Primetime’, ‘Get Down’, and ‘On It’, the album builds unstoppable momentum, showcasing some truly brilliant wordplay that is backed effortlessly by shining synths, tempered, percussive beats, and smooth, polished production.

As the second half of the album arrives, SC4Real changes the tone, slowly transitioning through ‘The Crew Freestyle’ to a more introspective and thoughtful sound. As the second phase begins, ‘Sun Up’ serves as a gorgeous piano-led introduction, shining a light on the artist’s emotional scars and tender open wounds. It’s an evocative style that continues throughout the latter half of the album, with songs like ‘Circles’ examining difficult relationships, ‘Press On’ offering words of hope and encouragement, and ‘Show & Prove’ extolling the virtues of self-improvement in an ever-changing world.

Filled with impressive tributes and glimpses into SC4Real’s influences, ‘Vol.1 Midnight Music’ is a solid, and wonderfully cohesive album that evolves with every track, exploring the full breadth of the artist’s emotional and creative range. By manning the help in terms of songwriting and production, and stripping away some of the guest spots, SC4Real has been able to engineer a mostly unadulterated vision that will stand the test of time.

Building impressively on the foundation set by ‘Hypermode’, the new album is a fine mix of great production, proficient wordplay and relatable subject matter. You can find ‘Vol.1 Midnight Music’ available now on all digital streaming platforms.

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