Ski Mask Jay - ‘B2B Back To Business’

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The UK rap scene has been on fire for the last few years, producing some truly monumental talents that are carving up the mainstream and delivering their own pioneering sounds. Built on the backs of talented independent artists, it's a scene that is constantly surprising, innovating, and inspiring. One such talent from this wonderfully varied scene is Ski Mask Jay, an incognito artist who has just shared his titanic new EP, ‘B2B Back To Business’.

Armed with a versatile rap style that collides with typically upbeat instrumentals and catchy, hook-laden choruses, Ski Mask Jay has previously made his mark with a string of impress releases, including singles like ‘Pull Up’ in 2020, and his acclaimed debut EP, ‘Designer’ last December, which was released last year. In the build up to his new EP, Jay has spent most of the year piquing our interest with collaborations involving artists like Elias, Abmor, and Ian Byarm, but now that the EP is here, it’s time to see if it has lived up to the hype.

Working with long-term producer DRG Music, who previously helmed the ‘Designer’ EP and creates the unique beats that Ski Mask Jay builds off, the new release is another strong showing of their two artists’ creativity. Delivering eight tracks, made up of original releases and the singles he has released earlier in the year, ‘B2B Back To Business’ is a powerful illustration of Ski Mask Jay’s talents and potential, offering a string of upbeat, flex tracks that will stick in your mind for days on end. Opening with firm favourite ‘Skrt Skrt Skrt’ featuring DJ FLUFF, Ski Mask Jay kicks off the EP to perfection, lashing out with his unique, signature sound. At the core of the track, he hits with feel good vibes, developing a bold character for the EP that permeates through all eight cuts.

Through the whole mix, Ski Mask Jay keeps the melodies light, but infectious, fusing R&B aesthetics into auto-tuned heavy trap sounds and a maelstrom of familiar themes. On ‘Make It Clap’, featured artist Abmor delivers a perfect spot, elevating the faint club sounds perfectly, while elsewhere, ‘Ride or Die’ sees Ski Mask Jay continuing to experiment with more universal sounds and staggered tempos. It’s an evolving sound, offering glimpses into Ski Mask Jay’s influences, while his roster of collaborative artists prove he’s surrounding himself with some truly brilliant talent.

A colourful exploration of new trap territories, ‘B2B Back To Business’ isn’t a faultless release, but it is damn close. Offering waves of hybrid melodies and intoxicating sounds, it’s a release that sees Ski Mask Jay reaching for new ground and establishing himself as a true force within the underground scene. Filled with confidence, style, and flowing creativity, the release sets the stage for things to come, earmarking Ski Mask Jay as one to watch in the near future.

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