Sea Power – ‘Two Fingers’

British Sea Power, the notable English alternative band behind albums such as ‘Do You Like Rock Music?’ and ‘Valhalla Dancehall’ have announced a name change, along with a new album.

The band of brothers Yan and Hamilton Wilkinson, Martin Noble, Matthew Wood, Abi Fry, and Phil Sumner announced the change recently, informing fans that the group will henceforth be known simply as Sea Power.

“The band have been thinking about changing their name for years now. It’s become clear that it’s possible to misapprehend the name British Sea Power as indicating nationalism of an insular, jingoistic nature,” read a statement in a press release. “Twenty years on from their inception, Sea Power now sail forth, free of any national flag of convenience. The new band name is a modest gesture of separation from the wave of crass nationalism that has traversed our world recently.

The statement continued; “After all, this group have always been internationalist in outlook, as made clear in several songs, most notably Waving Flags, a hymn to pan-European congress. The name Sea Power is also a shorthand by which the band’s audience have long known the group.”

Alongside the change, the band have also announced their next record, ‘Everything Was Forever’, which is set for release on February 11th next year, and shared new single ‘Two Fingers’, which you stream below alongside the official music video.

‘Two Fingers’, a song that the band describes as having “strong hopeful intent, a desire to start anew” amid contrasting observations about racism and the social fabric of the UK.

Yan further added, “In the song it’s a toast to everyone, remembering those in our lives and those sadly no longer here and to making the world a better place. The song is ‘Fuck me, fuck you, fuck everything.’ But it’s also ‘Love me, love you, love everything’ – exultation in the darkness. If you say, ‘fuck you’ in the right way, it really can be cathartic, a new start.”

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