Cello/Phn – ‘Higher’

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An artist who lives in the mystic space where transparency meets authenticity, Cello/Phn (pronounced Cellophane) is a contemporary alt-RnB and psychedelic artist who has been transforming New Orleans’ music scene. An enigmatic and innovative talent, Cello/Phn’s work exists in a unique space, one that is ruled by new wave sounds and deep, intoxicating rhythms.

In the past, Cello/Phn has always found a way to express himself in his music, combining his personal experiences with moody transcending sounds that draw closer to life’s deeper meanings, but in his new single, the aptly titled ‘Higher’, he’s broken through to a new romantic space. A song that perfectly captures the feeling of infatuation that comes with being entirely in love with someone, ‘Higher’ is vibrant, euphoric, and absolutely impossible to deny.

Taken from his upcoming debut EP, /What Happened To Monday’, which has been years in the making, ‘Higher’ builds on the stage that previous singles ‘Satisfide’ and ‘See Me’ created, delivering an expansive, future RnB sound that is as intoxicating as it is innovative. A massive indication of what we can expect when the full EP arrives, ‘Higher’ is an absolute banger.

Available now on Spotify, as well as on our annual Spotify playlist, ‘Higher’ perfectly illustrates Cello/Phn’s style and sound. You can also stream the new cut alongside a trippy new visualiser.

A trippy love song that talks boldly about the addiction of love, ‘Higher’ is filled with stellar ‘90s vibes that will have you enchanted in an instant. Check it out above and be sure to look out for Cello/Phn’s debut EP when it drops in November.

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