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Second Choice – ‘Fade Away’

  • 2 min read

Over the years, Fredrik Lindström has worked tirelessly to create some of the most immersive and engaging music around. After playing guitar in different bands since 1992, Fredrik created Second Choice as unique solo project, one where he could explore his own creative whims and ideas. While it was placed on hold for several years, Fredrik reignited the passion behind Second Choice in 2019, and since then, he’s gone from strength to strength.

A collaborative project that sees Fredrick pairing his dark, Goth rock sound with different singers, Second Choice first arrived with debut single ‘Nothing In Life Is Free’. An expressive piece that fell between the hard rock and metal sounds that Fredrik had been exploring, it encapsulated the project perfectly. As Fredrick explained, “My idea with Second Choice was to be able to find a place for those ‘in between’ songs, since I listen to many different kinds of music. I enjoy writing songs that can be a bit hard to place in a specific genre, and I thought it was very liberating to be able to just write songs without having to think about if it fit in a specific genre. So, I guess that was the idea that inspired the project Second Choice.”

Most recently, Fredrik has been working with the talented Turkish singer Berzan Önen, delivering singles like ‘Man of Shadows’, ‘Warlord’, and most recently, ‘Fade Away’. A gorgeous new release, it’s a song that originally found its way almost ten years ago. Built on a simple acoustic guitar, it was a song that never quite fit the mould, until now.

Fredrick explained, “I wrote this song for acoustic guitar back in the days when I played in a hard rock band. It never really fit with the music we played so I never really did anything with it... ten years ago I got my first keyboard and then I tried to modernize it that way. To be honest, I wasn’t really satisfied with the production back then because I almost made the song a completely different song, but it’s out there on YouTube somewhere under my name. But now I got inspired again and thought I should try another approach on the song. I followed my lyrics and tried to give the song kind of a funeral feel.”

Alongside the release of the new single, Second Choice have also shared the official music video for the song which can be seen above via YouTube. You can also tune in to ‘Fade Away’ our annual Spotify playlist for 2022, where it’s streaming alongside a string of impressive independent anthems.

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