Shaampoo Records and Treble Phoenix join forces with new single ‘Magic’

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Armed with an interesting backstory and shared love of punchy, innovative tracks, Shaampoo Records and Treble Phoenix have recently released their vibrant electro-pop collaboration, ‘Magic’. Set to a UK garage tempo, and recounting a tale of a long distance romance, the new track is an impressive introduction to the two artists, who will stay firmly on our musical radar.

Produced and arranged by Shaampoo Records, who also provided the drums, and written by Treble Phoenix, who also provided vocals, keys and guitar for the cut, ‘Magic’ is an aptly titled release that sees the two artists delivering a sweet, unassuming sound. Backed by bright, tonal synths, and a joyous, pop-inspired melody, ‘Magic’ is a joyous and unassuming track that flows effortlessly, detailing a story of long distance love story through light, droning vocals and gentle, floating notes.

Speaking about the single, Shaampoo Records shared, “This song is a pretty little ditty about a long distance romance between an Australian man and a German woman that went on online for a long time before finally the two met in south east asian whirlwind!”

Recorded as a demo by Treble Phoenix in the Gold Coast, ‘Magic’ was sent over to Shaampoo Records, who was based in London at the time, to add a few special touches. After working on the track for a few days, it began to take shape as an impressive collaboration, with both artists going back and forth to make it something special.

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