Shea Clouds - 'Icicles'

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The latest lofi single from the multi-talented Shea Clouds, ‘Icicles’ arrives as the perfect soundtrack for cold winter nights spent wrapped in blankets and clasping a cup of tea. An engaging piece, it's Shea at his very best, offering a shining piece of sharp, evolving instrumentation.

‘Icicles ’is the lead single from Shea Clouds' latest EP, ‘Backyard Bits: The Winter Tape’ which gives a brilliant insight into his signature sound, building off pure mellow vibes and cosmic beats that take aim at your heart, mind, and soul. Although the cosy setting during winter spurred him to produce the soothingly hypnotic instrumental, Shea confides his biggest source of inspiration for the new release was hearing the warm laughter of his children during the cold months.

The EP is particularly sentimental to Shea Clouds, as it is the first project written and produced in his new home. A dedicated single father, Shea proudly purchased his first home several months back, with a dedicated production space.

With a growing reputation as a lofi/chill producer in his hometown Virginia and beyond, Shea Clouds continues to diligently work on creating his signature sound. His relaxed feel, coupled with an ear for enhancement, results in an aesthetically pleasing Instrumental/hip-hop combination through his latest single, ‘Icicles’ , out now across various streaming platforms.

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