Tanoki - 'File New'

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Tanoki is the electronica/trip-hop/funk/experimental genre-blending project of Paul Mahon. Born and raised in Kilkenny, Ireland, Tanoki’s music features a myriad of styles, from funky brass to ethereal piano, walking the line between delight in technological and fear of what it may do to human connection. His songs blend human samples and powerful performances with rich synths and washed-out arpeggios, making present the question of technology’s beauty and danger.

Tanoki’s debut LP, the artful 'File New' tells a three-act story, each with three songs. The first act introduces the question at the heart of the project, concerning what is real and what is fantasy. The second begins to explore this with urgency, and then chaos, with intense performances from Tay Edwards and Farah Elle. The final act invites self-reflection, with stunning violin and piano improvisation from Colm O’Caoimh, and a technological climax on fiery closing gem, ‘Hotline’.

“It’s about experimenting. It’s about having fun; it’s about play,” saysTanoki. The album navigates the current state of humanity and technology, and the strange mix of blessings and curses it bestows upon us – all through a daring gauntlet run, beginning with lush and inviting collaborations with Libyan-Irish songwriter Farah Elle, before moving into increasingly experimental territory, with contributions from Colm O’Caoimh on violin, guitar, and keys, and rap from Tay Edwards.

The result is constantly engaging, or as has been said before of Tanoki, “Colour, chaos, and charisma bleed from the headphones while listening to this”.

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