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Sierra Blax - 'brb…i’m daydreaming'

  • 2 min read

The new album from Kaua'i-born, Los Angeles-based soul drenched pop artist Sierra Blax, 'brb…i’m daydreaming' is all "about taking risks and doing things my way.

The title, "brb...i'm daydreaming" represents my youth and how daydreaming got me here. This album will spark feelings of madness and self-destruction but at the same time orchestrating those feelings with class.," proclaimed Sierra.

Born and raised on the remote island of Kaua'i, singer- songwriter Sierra Blax left the ocean breezes and sounds of palm trees for a life in the grittiness of Los Angeles. "Although life in Hawai'i was truly paradise, I knew I needed a change in scenery to grow as an artist and really tap into my second nature, which is music," Sierra confided. When you listen to Sierra's music, you can hear just that, the blend of two spirits. It's obvious that when she writes she escapes, and for us, the rawness is brutal and honest in the most stylish way.

Before her move to Los Angeles, Sierra Blax started her professional music journey at the University of Hawaii studying vocal performance and music theory. She also was a vocalist for the jazz band and from there, she grew her love for jazz singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Frank Sinatra, and today’s version of jazz, Amy Winehouse. Performing with the jazz band allowed her to have more artistic freedom with her vocals that she couldn’t really tap into when studying classical/ operatic music.

For Sierra, this is still only the beginning with the release of her debut album, 'brb… I’m daydreaming'. This album is a combination of songs she wrote while in Hawaii and in Los Angeles, then reimagined and fine tuned in Syracuse, New York at More Sounds Studio where she worked with producers Tim Rose, Andrew Greecen and Max McKee to bring these songs to life.

The album will take you on a rollercoaster right from the beginning. You will hear the evolution of Sierra Blax as an artist all throughout this album and it’s a beautiful journey - a blend of neo-soul, pop and R&B, grabbing inspiration from artist like Snoh Aalegra, Amy Winehouse, Aaliyah, Ariana, all while staying in her own lane.

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