The Cavs - 'Music To My Madness'

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Formed in late 2019, The Cavs made their debut at Verve Bar, Leeds, following the release of debut single ‘Chasing The World’. Before the end of the year, they were supporting Dirty Laces with local legend Clint Boon, and marking the release of their second single ‘Movie’.

In the whirlwind that followed, The Cavs have become a fixture of the Manchester scene, and now, they've capitalised on their success with the release of their debut EP, ‘Music to My Madness’, which was released on October 7th to a wave of well-earned acclaim.

Built on four impressive tracks that hit with a confident swagger, 'Music to My Madness is audacious and undeniable, caught between aggressive percussion and unrelenting guitars. It's a sound that is perfectly encapsulated within the opening cut, and as each of the other three cuts land, they do so with deepening force and ever-building excitement.

On 'Find a Way', the band's exuberant songwriting hits an all-time high, while elsewhere ‘See You There’ breaks things down, creating a more melodic sound and exploring more expansive songwriting. At its core, the EP has a lot going for it, and if the band can keep building on their sound, they’ll certainly be a band worth keeping an eye on.

A four-track release built on the sounds of indie-rock acts like Kasabian, Elbow, and The Libertines, the band's EP doesn't redesign the wheel, but it does almost perfect it. 

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