Sixsense blends cultures, style, and glistening nostalgia in captivating single, 'AYANNA'

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London's music landscape has gained a powerful and wonderfully unique voice with the rise of Sixsense. His newest release, 'AYANNA', offers a mesmerizing blend of Afrobeat rhythms, soothing Latin R&B, and a touch of electronic flair, blending style and genres at ease to create a kaleidoscope masterpiece. Showcasing his ability to push sonic boundaries and sets him apart within the city's vibrant scene, it's a bold new track that deserves its time in the spotlight.

Speaking on 'AYANNA', Sixsense describes a bittersweet duality: a love song infused with the pangs of growing up. The track evokes the ache of nostalgia, recalling cherished memories with the knowledge they can't be relived. Speaking openly about the song, he shared, "Growing up my parents worked a lot, so I always found ways to entertain myself in any way I could. After convincing my parents to buy me an electric piano I started teaching myself and I didn’t really stop making music since.”

The single's warm acoustic melodies layered over electronic beats further amplify the push and pull between past and present sounds within 'AYANNA'. There's a deft sense of sonic exploration that ties in perfectly with Sixsense's own background. Born in Santiago de Chile and later residing in London, the artist's music reflects his diverse Jewish-South American and Australian roots.

Sixsense brings a rare and refreshing perspective to London's musical landscape. With 'AYANNA', he invites listeners into a world of wistful longing, complex cultural influences, and a soundscape all his own.

‘AYANNA’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

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