Skauss - 'Foreva'

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Enigmatic dream pop/darkwave artist Skauss is back to take you on a transcendental journey through the outer realms of everlasting, immortal love, with his heartbreaking ode 'Foreva', a profound confession of a god, doomed to live and mourn eternally for his lost mortal love.

Multi-instrumentalist and genre-bending composer/producer Skauss set off to find his true identity with 2019’s 'Whoami' and now continues that quest by expanding upon his uniquely melodic orchestral and dark electronic sound and paves the way for even further out musical gambles.

Back in 2012 a new artist emerged seemingly out of nowhere, cloaked in mystery and donning a mask to disguise his identity. Nobody knew who Skauss was, but they were mystified by not just the deception but the dark, dizzying electronica he was producing. In 2019, Skauss returned with a debut unlike any other. With his first ever full-length album, 'Whoami', Skauss was ready for the spotlight but not ready to reveal the mastermind behind the mask.

On 'Whoami', Skauss traveled through layers of complex electronic rhythms steeped in shadows. From the eerie discordance and punchy percussion of 'Father' to the buzzing heartbeat and dreamy dance elements of 'Free At Last' and so much more in between, 'Whoami' is an in-your-face introduction to the unending sonic skill of a nameless, faceless producer you’ll be dying to discover.

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