Slip The DJ continues his impressive return with labour of love ‘To High To Look Down’

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An artist who until recently was considered retired, Slip The DJ has had a massive creative resurgence in recent months, creating magical breakbeat experiences like the recently released ‘Focus’ and ‘SPM’. Returning on top form, to the tune of over one million listeners, Slip The DJ’s return was a welcome surprise in 2023, and now, in the new year, he’s continuing to push boundaries as far as he can.

A track that took the talented producer years to finish, ‘To High To Look Down’ is a deft blend of persistence, creativity, and passion. Speaking of the track’s synthesis, Slip shared, “A labor of love ‘To High To Look Down’ is a track four years in the making. I acquired the vocal track license in 2019 right before I took a break. But I could never get the mood set to introduce the silky vocal line that is defiant and soothing all at once. I had to be disciplined in his track and remind myself that less is more.”

While less might be more, the new single arrives as an eight-and-a-half minute epic, constantly transforming and evolving as it moves from solitary, tribal beats to a deep dive into true house anthemics. Built around precise beats, rattling tones, and a driving energy that ebbs and flows, drawing you in as breakbeat sounds explode all around you. The track is a masterclass in keeping an audience at the edge of their seat, with Slip adding and removing elements with precision, constantly elevating and progressing the song, while simultaneously stitching it together with silky smooth vocals lines and keen atmospheric tones.

Filled with sharp creative ideas that make every one of Slip’s tracks a joy to hear, ‘To High To Look Down’ is a blossoming deep house cut that stands as one of the producer’s best. Speaking openly about track, Slip continued, “Earlier this year I settled on deep house and began constructing the groove and last month accidentally laid out the haunting repeating arp sequence that echoes throughout. The beginning of the track I used the actual mike test as a prevox tease and I really like the way it settled that track down. Of course I had to drop an old breakbeat ‘wind the record player to stop’ trick, couldn't help myself. This is my truest and closest dive into deep house and I am kind of enjoying learning the nuances of the genre.”

A brilliant track that proves just why Slip’s return to the spotlight has been so well received, ‘To High To Look Down’ is a brilliantly curated and utterly enchanting release that will have fans of golden age house calling out for more. You can stream the new single above via Spotify, and make sure you check out his other recent singles ‘SPM’ and ‘Focus’.

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