Slip the DJ shares his latest luminescent breakbeat anthem ‘Glowing’

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Slip the DJ, the New Orleans-based purveyor of progressive breakbeat sounds has long since developed a knack for capturing the vibrant pulse of the electronic music scene. A product of the original 1990s music underground, Slip has spent years developing his sound, and on the new track ‘Glowing’ he’s infused it with every ounce of vibrancy and style that his decades of experience have to offer.

From the opening bars, ‘Glowing’ radiates a captivating energy. Its intricate layers of percussion form a hypnotic foundation, pulsating with the raw, infectious rhythms that have become Slip the DJ's signature. A tapestry of shimmering synths, filtered and manipulated with masterful precision, weave in and out of the rhythmic framework. The result is a kaleidoscopic soundscape that evokes the euphoric atmosphere of a packed dance floor.

What continues to set Slip the DJ apart is his ability to infuse his music with an undeniable human touch, balancing the relentless energy with deep emotional vibes. ‘Glowing’ possesses a warmth, and an organic quality often lacking in heavily digitised electronic music. It has the feel of a live performance, spontaneous and constantly evolving. This quality stems from Slip's willingness to embrace the imperfections and nuances that make music feel truly alive.

In true form, ‘Glowing’ is a testament to Slip's enduring passion for the roots of house music. His artistry draws inspiration from the innovative spirit of the ‘90s when the genre was at its most experimental and boundary-pushing. Yet, Slip's music is never a mere throwback; it's infused with a contemporary sensibility that keeps his sound fresh and captivating.

Through the new track, Slip the DJ, continues to excite audiences with music that is both timeless and forward-thinking. ‘Glowing’ joins an impressive catalogue of hits like ‘To the Top’, ‘When Music Was Music’, and his 2018 EP ‘Bad as Funk’ as further proof that Slip the DJ is an essential force in the world of electronic music.

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