Sløtface & The Buoys - 'Fight Back Time’

Norwegian punk pop sensations Sløtface teams up with Australia’s very own The Buoys for new energising indie anthem ‘Fight Back Time’. Out now via Propeller Recordings / Virgin Music Australia, the single navigates all facets of time - of having not enough, running out or the overwhelming options of choices.

Inspired by Maggie Rogers’ Surrender record, and a common love of Haim, Sløtface laid the bones of ‘Fight Back Time’ with collaborators & producers Michael Champion (Wet Legs ‘Chaise Longue’, ‘Too Late Now’ And ‘Loving You’) and Paul Whalley (Tileyard Studios). Upon linking with Zoe Catterall of The Buoys digitally over a year later, Haley shared the initial workings of the song to her new collaborators. Resonating with the track immediately both sonically and lyrically, the collaboration was confirmed and the rest of the track came together seamlessly - many zoom writing sessions ensued - with The Buoys ending their day and Sløtface starting theirs. 

Haley Shea of the band explained, “'Fight Back Time' for me is about feeling way too caught up in everything you’re doing when you have too much going on, and desperately trying to grab some pieces of your life back so that you feel in control.”

She continued, “Zoe and I met up on zoom from our wildly different time zones and I instantly felt the connection. We had so much in common when it came to the theme of the song, and it felt extra fitting to be having that conversation early morning my time, and late evening Zoes time. We bonded over the struggle of making time for everything as a working musician and songwriter.”

Zoe of The Buoys added, “Time is a concept I write about a lot! Balancing your day job with a hectic touring schedule is no piece of cake and it was really cool to talk at length about this with Haley at the end of my working day in Australia when her day was just starting in Norway.  I feel like we're all trying to fit in what we want to do around our responsibilities while also making time for family and friends. What's left in the end is a dose of exhaustion and the feeling that sometimes time is getting away from you and that's definitely what resonated with me the most.”

To celebrate the release, Sløtface will be arriving in Australia in early October for a number of writing camps, and most importantly to meet The Buoys for the first time in person.

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