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Ptasnic Alexandr - ‘Beginning of Beginnings’

  • 2 min read

An aspiring composer with a penchant for moving instrumental music and cinematic film scores, Ptasnic Alexandr has recently shared his second seminal track, titled ‘Beginning of Beginnings’. Released digitally on the 10th of October 2023, the single is a charming and wonderfully organic introduction to Alexandr’s creative world, showcasing his sweeping, orchestral style and talents for crafting serene, luscious melodies.

A release that perfectly embodies emotive, gentle sounds and romantic melodies, ‘Beginning of Beginnings’ is a joyous exploration of worlds, building slowly to create an enchanting and wonderfully appealing journey. At its core, it’s a release that transcends the everyday stresses and worries that plague us all, lifting you to a meditative space where your troubles melt away and you can sit in gentle silence, letting the music wash over you.

Speaking about the single and its creation, Alexandr explained, “ I am an aspiring composer, fond of film soundtrack and instrumental music which you can see in my piece. [The] composition ‘Beginning of beginnings’ — is a totally improvisational work: there is not even a sheet score. Moreover, this score is my debut in composing soundtracks, which made a big difference in my life as a musician.”

While a strong release in its own right, it’s the organic nature of ‘Beginning of Beginnings’ that really makes it stand out, creating an instant connection with the listener as you explore the track the same way Alexandr would have done creating it. By stripping the release of any planned or pre-prepared passages, Alexandr has heightened the impact of the piece as a whole, offering four-minutes of perfect solace that will stay with you long after the song has finished.

Speaking further with us about the release, Alexandr continued, “ [I] hope that ‘Beginning of Beginnings’ will make you zone out like I did. Although I started my musician career a lot of years ago, I am looking forward to go on composing and conducting, which every day makes me do some small steps to the big result.”

For more from Alexandr, be sure to check out his Spotify page below.

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