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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Sohodolls' Share A Raucous Return to Punk Pop Mischief With 'Mother Wouldn't Like It'

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The Sohodolls are back and ready to stir up some trouble with their latest single, 'Mother Wouldn't Like It'. This high-energy punk-pop anthem is a nostalgic blast of teenage rebellion, packed with catchy riffs and a tongue-in-cheek attitude that's sure to ignite a mosh pit or two.

The track serves as a follow-up to the band's unexpected resurgence in popularity. Their 2000s hit, 'Bang Bang Bang Bang', went viral on TikTok after Madonna shared a video of her daughter dancing to it. The song's renewed fame has fueled a Sohodolls comeback, sparking a string of new releases.

“I wrote this song with another band that I was friends with back in the noughties” says Sohodolls’ Maya Von Doll. “When their band disbanded, I asked if I could have this song and tweak it to make it Sohodolls. I've had it on hold for years and years but feel that now the time is right to unleash it. I wonder if the menacing guitar riff will captivate listeners the way it used to captivate me when I'd watch my friends' band play in dodgy London venues where you'd have beer crates form the stage”, she adds.

The song's menacing guitar riff, a throwback to the band's early days playing in London's grimy underground scene, perfectly captures the thrill of youthful mischief. This raw energy, coupled with lyrics about sneaking out and raising a little hell, makes it an unapologetic ode to letting loose.

Sohodolls' recent singles, 'Letter To My Ex (Thank You Goodbye)' and 'What Kinda Love' have already caught the attention of tastemakers like Radio 1 and Atwood Magazine. If 'Mother Wouldn't Like It' is any indication, the group's best days may still be ahead of them.

'Mother Wouldn't Like It' is out now, so lock in, and prepare for a healthy dose of nostalgia and the irresistible urge to break a few rules.

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