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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Warsaw's Sundrugs Explores Abstract Soundscapes With The 'New Lands' EP

  • 2 min read

Within the realms of abstract electronic music, songs often challenge traditional structures and sonic expectations, but never quite like this. A new release from Warsaw's Sundrugs, 'New Lands' seamlessly explores a world of meticulously crafted chaos and experimental textures, pushing boundaries and taking listeners on a sonic journey defined by its unpredictability.

A testament to the artist's fascination with glitch sounds and unique structures, 'New Lands' is backed by a passion for sonic manipulation, offering a unique spin on the world of electronica. Its chaotic moments aren't accidental; they're a testament to the careful design behind them, as the artist explains, "New Lands’ explores the realms of abstract electronic music, delving into unique soundscapes and experimental compositions. As an artist deeply invested in pushing electronic music's boundaries, I believe this album offers a distinctive and captivating listening experience.”

In perfect, chaotic form, Sundrugs creates a constantly shifting musical experience, emphasizing the transformative potential of abstract sounds and fully embracing change. While some electronic music leans into ambient contemplation, 'New Lands' takes a different path. As Sundrugs explains, "A consistent escape from ambient patterns and this path is quite convoluted. Many moments in New Lands sound chaotic, but every second here has been thought out and carefully sculpted. A thing focused more on intrigue than contemplation."

What makes 'New Lands' such a unique and special project, is its ability to reflect and celebrate change, both the good and the bad. Inspired, in part, by the birth of Sundrugs' daughter, the new release takes inspiration from the beauty and chaos in life, reflecting those heavy moments of change through wild experiments, interesting arrangements, and sharp sonic creations.

If you crave a distinctive listening experience that challenges musical norms, 'New Lands' demands your attention. The artist's dedication to exploration and experimentation shines through, making it a release that stands out in the world of electronic soundscapes.

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