Jerry Hull – Foreign Agent Lover

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One of the most persistent and hardworking musicians that we’ve had the pleasure of working with, Jerry Hull is a defiant musical force in the modern age. A singer, pianist, songwriter and arranger from Memphis, Tennessee, Jerry has exploded onto the music scene with an unlimited supply of passion and creativity. Since 2015, he’s released six albums, eleven videos and countless singles, capturing the attention of thousands of fans and critics alike. His latest album, the colourful ‘Strange Afternoons’, was released in May of this year and was an experimental romp through the classic New Orleans sound, ragtime, jazz, pop, and orchestral blues.

It was an album coloured by more than four decades of experience, and at it’s very core was the single ‘Foreign Agent Lover’. The fifth single to come from the album so far, ‘Foreign Agent Lover’ became a fan favourite from the very start, and since then it’s grown beyond belief. Currently available from over 150 stores worldwide, the “playful, rocking, boogie-woogie, pop number” as Jerry calls it, is an entertaining number that harks back to his debut album, ‘Heaven Help Me’, referencing early single ‘Stateside’ through a clever lyrical loop that die-hard fans will love.

One of his more ambitious tracking in terms of melody and emotion, ‘Foreign Agent Lover’ tests Jerry’s creative range, adding an experimental flourish to the old school sound he has ingrained with his music. It’s fresh, bold, and a lingers wonderfully, making it’s a track that will entertain fans both old and new. 

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