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Speakeazie – ‘Bootleggers Blood’

  • 2 min read

A brilliant new talent making alternative indie-pop in the heart of Minneapolis, MN, Speakeazie has become one of our favourite discoveries in just a few short days. Armed with a gorgeous sound that is haunting, ethereal, and immersive, Speakeazie delivers a wave of captivating qualities and bedroom-pop sounds that are sure to spark your curiosity, and it all starts with her new EP, ‘Bootlegger Blood’.

A release that is wrapped in intimate songs and sharp sonic aesthetics, ‘Bootlegger Blood’ is a release of charm and complexity, revelling in poignant and airy melodies that drift for miles, and simultaneously moody and sultry tones that hit you right in the soul. In the middle of it all, Speakeazie’s vocals create a ray of golden sound that leads you through the five original tracks, creating a musical journey that is impossible to deny.

Built from otherworldly tracks like ‘I’m A Wreck, Not A Queen’ and ‘Ain’t Right for Your Praise’, Speakeazie creates a rich and wonderfully nuanced sound, letting her voice drift between the instrumentals to create a conversational style that emphasises the introspective nature of her lyrics. Simple, delicate, and yet rhythmic in nature, her sound is executed with a trademark emotional depth, carving out a fresh and bravely original path.

Elsewhere, ‘Don’t Go Anywhere’ ebbs and flows perfectly with gentle synth waves, while ‘I’m Crushed in His Gaze’ delivers a more robust sound that perfectly compliments the other tracks. In the end, it’s the closing track ‘They Whisper Voodoo’ that leaves the heaviest mark, expanding through waves of haunting, contemplative tones and captivating vocals.

All throughout Speakeazie’s EP, it’s her vocals that carry the weight, creating a strong connection between artist and audience that is built on a shared pain, passion, and desire. When Speakeazie fuses her electronic sounds with her unwavering and wonderfully authentic style, she creates absolute magic, and ‘Bootleggers Blood’ is absolutely filled with it.

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