St. Laviathan – ‘Heat of the Moment’

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A rising rap star who spent the best part of the last few years building a legacy, St. Laviathan has been on the warpath lately, delivering homegrown hits and gaining a loyal following. With two of his most recent singles, ‘Starlight in Harlem’ and ‘Sunset’ going on to earn 60,000 combined streams, there’s no denying St. Laviathan’s musical abilities. Today, he’s looking to capitalise on the momentum built by past singles, delivering a poignant single that asks, what if?

Titled ‘Heat of the Moment’, the new single is arguably St. Laviathan’s most expansive and original, tapping into radian synth tones that first surface and set the tone. It’s an introduction that will catch long-term fans of St. Laviathan off guard in the best way, setting a stage for the quickstepping percussion and quick shift in tempo. The layering and production are spot on, but all focus lies on St. Laviathan’s vocals, which hit with absolute fire.

Easily one of his strongest vocal cuts to date, ‘Heat of the Moment’ sees St. Laviathan delivering flawless verse, spitting fire and fury and a ferocious pace. Throughout the maelstrom though, he also delivers some of his most introspective lines, delving into wild possibilities, missed chances, and dark desires through lines like “Did you stay just because? Can you fathom us? Are you willing to risk what you have with him?”

Speaking candidly about the new track, St. Laviathan explained, “I wrote this song about someone I used to know. In this song, I outline and express my desires that culminate in her having an affair at the end. In real life, nothing had ever happened between us, but she is someone I always thought, 'what if' about? We always kept in contact of course, but it was always platonic. I never made a move, and I never expressed to her how I felt. In my mind, there was always this line there in between us, and this song is about crossing that line, if not for just one time.”

An invigorating slice of modern hip-hop, ‘Heat of the Moment’ is a track that goes well beyond mainstream releases, pushing content, creativity, and calibre in droves. Available now, the single is further proof that St. Laviathan is leading the genre into a new chapter.

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