St. Laviathan – ‘Laviamata’

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When we last caught up with rising rap talent St. Laviathan he was championing the release of his debut single ‘Saint Is the Victor’, a sharp and unrelenting piece that perfectly defined his style and approached to the rap game. Inspired by the unique flow of the late Lord Infamous of Three Six Mafia, ‘Saint Is the Victor’ earmarked St. Laviathan for greatness, and now, only a few short months after its release, he’s back with his sophomore single ‘Laviamata’.

In his own words, ‘Laviamata’ is a very personal record for St. Laviathan, one that harks back to a very challenging and transitional period in his life. Speaking candidly, he explained that he had just broken up with the love of his life and was back living in his Mother’s house, penniless and with a shattered spirit. It was a time when he felt least like himself, and ‘Laviamata’ became a way to address everyone who had ever doubted him.

While it’s easy for an artist to wax lyrical about the emotive nature and heartfelt imagery behind a song, it’s another thing entirely for them to back it up. Thankfully though, St. Laviathan knows how to back up a good story with plenty of hip-hop anthemics, delivering a single that is as engaging and impressive as it is entertaining.

Rising from a haunting stream of instrumentals and rolling vocal pieces, St. Laviathan’s new single set an immediate tone, drawing his audience in before unleashing and uncompromising flow of visceral lyrics and sharp, relatable quotes. Flowing with a powerful raw energy, ‘Laviamata’ is another perfect example of St. Laviathan’s unique sound, offering waves of distortion and fragmented instrumentals that set a perfect backdrop for his wild, powerful flow. Produced by the brilliant Joey Trife and backed by a simple, but effective video, ‘Laviamata’ is a true aural assault that comes complete with quickfire verse and lo-fi vibes, creating a dark, engaging journey that shows St. Laviathan is at the top of his game.

When talking of the track, St. Laviathan explained that is was “a body of reflections and affirmations that detail what I had survived and where I intended to be as an artist”, and it’s nearly impossible to fault him on that. Easily one of the most unique and engaging rap releases we’ve heard all year, ‘Laviamata’ is everything we’ve come to expect from St. Laviathan and more.

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