TheWolfPrinceKane – ‘It Never Ends’

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A diverse electronic artist from the little-known underground scene of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, TheWolfPrinceKane has been carving out his own unique legacy, stitching dark electronic anthems together with ambient sounds, distorted, glitching instrumentals, and an undercurrent of celestial pop. It’s an intriguing mix, and one that’s hard to wrap your head around just from reading about it, but thankfully, TheWolfPrinceKane has just released a new single that perfectly illustrates his wild, wandering sound.

Titled ‘It Never Ends’, the new single is a perfect maelstrom of sounds and styles, crossing genres and constantly refusing to settle into any one rhythm. While it might sound chaotic, there is a subtle sense of control and calculation that lies beneath the entropy, and as the song develops, it ebbs and flows with nuanced drips of melody and harmony, developing tiny details into wide sweeping sounds and finding sharp emotive textures in even the most subtle of shades.

Building the inherent drama in the track is TheWolfPrinceKane’s lyrics and delivery, which force their way through the song and details the struggles of being in a relationship, and the seemingly never-ending drama that can ensure. It’s a stark and impressive contrast that he creates, delivering powerful, provocative, and often heartbreaking lines with a sugary sweet delivery and plenty of sonic wizardry. Infused with elements from both the pop and electronic worlds, the new single is filled with impressive textures and industrial sounds that carry the weight of the piece perfectly.

An impressive addition to his growing musical arsenal, ‘It Never Ends’ is filled with cathartic energy and an unmistakable confidence, one that gets under your skin and holds you until the very last beat. A rare form of electronica, it’s streaming now on all major platforms.

A strong single that is already garnering praise from Xttrawave and Nova Music, ‘It Never Ends’ is arguably one of the finest electro-pop-infused singles that you’ll hear this year, offering a sharp and uncompromising look behind the typical relationship story. A truly rewarding listen, its undeniable proof of his talents, as well as a bold introduction to the uninitiated.

Be sure to check out the singe above and give TheWolfPrinceKane a follow on his social media pages so you never miss a release.

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