St. Laviathan – ‘Torment’

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A rising rap star who spent the best part of the last few years building a legacy, St. Laviathan has been on the warpath lately, delivering homegrown hits and gaining a loyal following. With two of his most recent singles, ‘Starlight in Harlem’ and ‘Sunset’ going on to earn 60,000 combined streams, there’s no denying St. Laviathan’s musical abilities. Recently, we shone a spotlight on one of St. Laviathan’s most expansive new singles, but today, he’s upped the ante, delivering his most personal release to date.

A single that was inspired by depression and inner turmoil, ‘Torment’ is one of St. Laviathan’s most personal and relatable singles, offering a raw and unfiltered look into the dark heart of mental health. Built on a tender melody that comes courtesy of some gentle piano notes, ‘Torment’ is an evolutionary step up from St. Laviathan’s last single, refining the sound he first laid down in ‘Heat of the Moment’. It’s a wonderful step forward, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of the artist, and being all the more powerful for it.

Raw, honest, and visceral, the new single breaks through the barriers that exist in mainstream rap, showing that emotive performances and unadulterated emotions have their place within the genre. As with his previous single, ‘Torment’ was produced by Vigo of Last Atlantis, continuing the partnership and allowing for both collaborators to shine.

Speaking about the single, St. Laviathan added, “One of, if not my most personal release. My music has always been personal, but not even to this degree. I hold nothing back here and expressed everything I was feeling that was on my spirit at the time. I was going through a very bad depression and a great deal of inner turmoil. The environment around me had gotten very negative, and I could barely bring myself to create at times. I wanted this to be real. I wanted to present a snapshot into my head at the time.”

An endearing and invigorating slice of modern hip-hop, ‘Torment’ is a track that goes well beyond the mainstream, pushing St. Laviathan to the front of a new age. Available now, the single is further proof that he is leading the way and building a legacy that is sure to be remembered.

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