Static Vision - 'Get Away'

A three-piece rock band from Limerick, Ireland, Static Vision has just shared their phenomenal new single, 'Get Away'. The second single from the band of Cian O'Dowd, his brother Tom, and Toby Shane, 'Get Away' sees the band continuing to develop their sharp indie-rock sound.

'Get Away' lands are the band’s second single released from their home studio that the band built earlier this year. Cian on the track and future of the band added, “The song was the second song we recorded, mixed and released ourselves after building our own home studio earlier this year in our home garage. We want to have as much control and creative freedom over our music so that is why we decided to build our own studio. Having gained a local following without any help from a label and played most venues in Ireland we are now looking to get more gigs aboard to expand and push ourselves as forward as we can. We really believe our music and live shows are on the right path to creating history”

“We feel our music and this song would appeal to a lot of Pixies, Nirvana, Oasis, The Jesus and Mary Chain fans. Like these bands, we love to write high energy catchy pop hooks over a loud and distorted rock sound.”

Since Cian O'Dowd started the band in 2017 the only consistent members have been his brother and himself. Their first EP 'Faith in the Future' which has been praised by The Last Mixed Tape as a “Raw Rock N’ Roll Masterpiece” was released in late 2019 just as the original band fell apart.

After a long period of trying to find a new drummer, Toby Shane joined and quickly the trio clicked having been played the biggest venues all around Ireland such as The Button Factory, Whelan's, Roisin Dubh, Dolans, Fred Zeppelins and more. While putting on legendary punk shows all around the country they also released multiple music videos with a new EP 'New Beginnings' with lots more new music on the way in 2023.

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