Issy Sutcliffe – ‘Baby, Bye’

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A talented alt-rock icon in the making, Issy Sutcliffe has recently shared her debut solo single ‘Baby, Bye,’ a raucous new anthem that sees her shaking off the shadows of her former band and carving out a brilliant new path.

Formerly the frontwoman of Manchester’s Dirty Blonde, Issy has revitalised her style and sound on her debut solo release, cultivating a dynamic and full-bodied sound full of swagger and confidence. Opening with a thunderous drum beat that sets the stage perfectly, ‘Bye Baby’ explodes into life, delivering a fine maelstrom of modern rock anthemics and spiked punk vibes.

Built upon a fast-paced evolution that stitches together thumping bass lines and energetic guitar riffs, the single hooks you in an instant, pulling you into the mix with ease. Through the stark rock sounds, Issy delivers her sultry vocals with total confidence, adding a heartfelt touch of emotion to the track. Lyrically, the song tackles those difficult days after a break-up, taking aim at the coping mechanisms and struggles that we all go through. It’s the emotive nature of the track that really draws you in, with the music mixing perfectly with Issy’s vocals and delivery to create an incredible re-introduction to the talented artist.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Baby, Bye’ is as explosive as it is accessible and affirming, capturing a moment of universal hardship and distilling it into a near-perfect modern rock anthem. Sung with passion and delivered with a fierce and undeniably energy, the single is as perfect a debut as you could hope.

A track that simply refuses to be ignored, ‘Bye, Baby’ creates an impressive foundation for Issy’s solo work, re-introducing her to the world with a massive sound and a welcome hint of venom. For more from Issy, be sure to follow her on her various social media pages below.

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