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StillDyl – ‘Who Want Smoke?’

  • 2 min read

A talented underground rapper and artist, StillDyl was born in Boston, but truly found his sound throughout the sun-kissed concrete of San Diego. Armed with a passion for blending many styles of rap and hip-hop into one unique sound, StillDyl’s music is driven by aesthetic rap, Phonk and Trap, carving out nuance sub-genre that defines his name.

Over the years, StillDyl has made his mark working with several artists including Packgod, PeaXIII, and A$hy Baby, to name just a few, but today, it’s one of his own unique anthems that has caught are attention. Titled ‘Who Want Smoke?’, the new single features Day$okee and DeeKay on top form, lashing out with a triumphant hip-hip sound that will have you ensnared in an instant.

At just over two minutes long, the track is a rapid-fire assault of new-age trap sounds, pushing every moment to its limit and ensuring it will be imprinted in your memory for years to come. With over 60,000 streams on Spotify already, it’s clear the single has become a breakaway success, and after just one stream, you’ll know exactly why.

Speaking about his beginnings on the rap scene, StillDyl explained, “I got by the name StillDyl, an underground rapper Born in Boston and began to craft my sound in San Diego. My beginnings were lunch time cyphers at 14 and rapping into my cell phone before I started putting songs out to the world. The hip-hop scene in both cities is phenomenal. There is a lot of raw aggression from the rappers in the environment that helped inspire a lot of my songs. Many situations and experiences I have been through also have contributed to what has become the StillDyl sound, ranging from Phonk, to sample trap and many other genres as well.”

Available now on all your favourite platforms, ‘Who Want Smoke?’ is a bold introduction to StillDyl, and one that will certainly set the standard moving forward. Catch the track above via Spotify and make sure you follow him on Instagram below, so you never miss a new release.

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