Ted – ‘Revolution Then’

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While Ted might not be the sort of name you would instantly associate with activism and political change, his folk-tinged indie sounds definitely prove his heart is in the right place. An Australian indie-folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Ted has delivered in droves with his latest psych-folk-meets dream-pop single, holding a mirror to the sad state of modern democracy in ‘Revolution Then’.

Over the years, the hype has been steadily amassing around Ted, who takes influence from Nirvana, The Beatles and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, while also exploring more dreamy indie pop textures reminiscent of Grandaddy, Elliott Smith and Radiohead. The self-produced single, recorded in Ted’s own home studio, is a chorally ambient, lyrically reflective release which lets you slip back to 1789 to gain perspective as history unfolds throughout the evocative melodies.

Speaking about the new single, Ted explained, “The song is loosely based on the French Revolution. I was inspired by some more recent political events which occurred in the US. I wanted to convey this in a way that was like telling an old story to a child, like in a nursery rhyme.”

Filled with colourful catharsis and a gorgeous instrumental framework that takes form through layers of guitars, bass, drums, sax and keys, ‘Revolution Then’ is a unique blend between gentle, soothing sounds and rich baroque imagery.

Available now, ‘Revolution Then’ is a folk-pop gem from Ted, illustrating his rustic style with soft sounds and perfect clarity. As Ted’s music continues to pick up the pace, he continues to work full-time as a radiographer and works on music in his home studio in Bendigo in his spare time.

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