Sunsoli - 'Time and Place'

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With shimmering guitars and floating melodies, Central Coast upstarts Sunsoli have today unveiled their new single ‘Time and Place’. Previously known as The Sea Gypsies, the band has gone through a period of creative renewal, wanting their name to reflect this growth. Combining ‘sun’ and ‘soil’, they settled on Sunsoli; a symbol of their coastal roots and musical harmony. Suitably, ‘Time and Place’ matches this development, with lead guitarist Dan Hoolihan combining with keyboardist Joseph Smith to write about the melting away of past anxieties and mistakes, in the wake of the birth of his son, the missing piece of the puzzle for him.

Alongside ‘Time and Place’, the band is also excited to announce their self-titled album as Sunsoli. The band worked intricately together to craft a record that explores how light can play with emotions, set a time and place, or evoke a sense of nostalgia. Working with esteemed producer Jack Nigro (DMA’s, Middle Kids, Julia Jacklin) out Sonara studios, as well as the iconic The Grove Studios (Silverchair, Ocean Alley, Violent Soho) in their hometown of the Central Coast, the band also combined with coastal singer-songwriter Ashrae to co-write and collaborate on a number of tracks. The record was then mastered by Darren Ziesing (Flume, The Presets, Lime Cordiale).

The band added, “Time and Place is one of the last songs we wrote on the album. It was actually one of Dan’s demo’s that we put to the side for years until we were looking for the right song to complete the album. Once Dan had refined the music and structure the rest of the song was basically written in a 40-minute drive to rehearsal one evening by Joe. Having a son recently felt like the missing piece of the puzzle for him. Any mistakes or anxieties of the past melted away since bringing that perfect little human into the world.”

“The creation of this album has been inspired by the sun's light, a fascinating yet constant presence in our lives. Sunsoli's music explores how light can play with our emotions, set a time and place, and evoke a sense of nostalgia. Each track on the album captures the essence of different colours and moods, from the energetic and vibrant feeling of the morning with tracks like "Sunlight," "Wayward," and "Where We Left Off" to the peaceful and nostalgic vibe of "Dancing Slowly" and "Some Kind of Light," which play on the cool spectrum of blues, greens, and purples. To round off the album tracks like "In the Middle," "Daydream," and "Caught in a Moment" bridge the two feelings, capturing the blue and yellow of feeling like you're in the middle of things. Sunsoli's self-titled album promises to be an immersive experience, transporting you to a world of colors and emotions.”

Previously known as The Sea Gypsies, the band grew a reverent reputation as a captivating live act, sharing stages with the likes of Birds of Tokyo, Oceans Alley, Winston Surfshirt, and The Reubens, as well as landing on festival lineups at Lost Paradise, Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, and Sip and Savour. With over 1.5 million streams online, the indie-rock darlings also saw success across triple j, with previous singles ‘Daydream’ and ‘Mexico’ grabbing airplay, as well as strong reviews across triple j Unearthed. Their debut album under The Sea Gypsies saw the band land praise from media across Newcastle Herald, The Point Music News, Backseat Mafia, and more.

Dan Hoolihan of the band continued, "After eight years of playing together as The Sea Gypsies we’ve decided to change our name to Sunsoli. Having evolved as a group, with members moving on to new ventures, we wanted a name that reflects who we are now. We’ve grown personally and musically, and we think it's time for our name to catch up. Choosing a name wasn’t an easy process. We wanted something that reflected our roots in the Central Coast as well as our unison as a band. That’s why we combined ’sun’ and ’soli’ symbolizing our coastal roots and musical harmony. We are truly grateful to our fans who have been with us throughout our Sea Gypsies days and can't wait to repay that loyalty with this new chapter of music.”

The infectious ‘Time and Place’ marks not only a new beginning for Sunsoli, but the commitment of the band’s intentions and drive to share their music as far and wide as possible. With their self-titled ‘Sunsoli’ album on the way, there is no doubt that Sunsoli will be tearing up stages nationwide for a long time to come.

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