Supathick - 'Love Back'

A new era has dawned for one of Western Australia’s most beloved fresh names; stepping back into the spotlight with their new single ‘Love Back’, Supathick are here to remind fans and newcomers alike why their brand of sharp soul and funk music has earned them fans right around the country.

Driven by songwriter Christian Zappia’s visions of sonic grandiosity, ‘Love Back’ was never going to be anything but a vibrant and ambitious effort. Dripping in fun energy and textured sonics, ‘Love Back’ espouses the strong elements of Supethick’s musicality: clear confidence in references, yes, but an unshakeable vision for their unique project.

A song about modern day relationships, ‘Love Back’ is here to wrap you up and hold you in its embrace. Recorded at Perth’s Tone City Recording with noted producer Sam Ford (POND, Abbe May), ‘Love Back’ brought Christian back together with the talented Keely Brittain, whose vocals seduce on the final result. 

Christian Zappia of the band explained, “For Supathick, ‘Love Back’ is a bit of a statement song. I wanted to make our version of a stadium-pop track, so every component that went into the song had to be grandiose in its own right, from the guitar riff to Keely’s fierce vocals. …The song is about the back and forth of a modern day relationship. There’s a lot in there, from the joy of, ‘Can’t believe it hasn’t happened sooner,’ to the total surrender of, ‘I’ll love you if you want me’. Ultimately, I think it’s about the if-you-want-me-you-got-me feeling.”

The emergence and evolution of Supathick in the time since they broke through in 2020 has added to WA’s growing list of Australian musical success stories. The band has grown over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, earned numerous editorial playlist additions on the platform and have enjoyed triple j support and airplay for each release they’ve put out thus far.

Navigating the unpredictability that has been the last two years with precision, a consistent flow of musical ideas and ultimately, music that has landed with impact each time, SUPATHICK have been generating solid momentum around Australia. Moreover, they have solidified that momentum and have since become a dynamic and formidable indie force.

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