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An Italian-Ghanaian rapper who has been hard at work carving out his own path through the concrete jungle of the UK rap scene, CHOZE is arguably one the most exciting talents around. Delivering a unique sound that revels in unorthodox samples, infectious beats, and carefully crafted verses, CHOZE has spent years perfecting his style, and now, with the release of his new album, he’s revealed the next step in the evolution of the game.

Titled ‘D.I.Y’, the new record pays homage to the scene that raised CHOZE, as he explained, “It has always been a dream of mine to create a piece of music that represents my life story, my trials, tribulations and triumphs - all laid bare in one album.” Raised on a diet of trailblazing pirate radio stations Deja Vu and Delight FM which were the breeding ground of the UK’s tangle of underground genres from dubstep to garage and grime, CHOZE instinctively reflects the radicalism of the era with a future-thinking twist.

Authenticity was at the core of CHOZE’s creative decisions when creating ‘D.I.Y’, and his collaborations reflect that spirit, working to craft a sonic world that nods to his forebears as well as his peers. He started laying the foundations two years ago after West London producer Karl Gordon played a beat by producer Renzo. Within three days, himself, rapper, and long-time collaborator Shai Sevin alongside the innovative producer Skolz, laid down firebrand grime track ‘D.I.Y’. As well as being part of the producer collective Project X, Skolz has been creating music for over two decades. Having supported the likes of Wiley and Lethal B internationally, as well appearing on radio with Semtex, the creative chemistry between himself and CHOZE is tangible as two long-standing, respected figures who have watched and evolved with the UK rap scene. It felt natural that Skolz would be the record’s key producer.

CHOZE explained, “I wanted to create a body of work that would help continue to break down barriers and to keep the legacy of the UK music scene and its history alive. It was one of the reasons why I called the album “D.I.Y”. It was more about the belief that you can do it yourself.” Built from the Clapham estate where he was raised on, where poverty and knife crime were a fact of life, CHOZE’s vision has travelled far, with The Line of Best Fit, Huffington Post, DORK, Thread Radio on board after he was shortlisted for the Record Store Day’s #RSDUnsigned competition.

Musically, there’s so much to enjoy and unpack within ‘D.I.Y’, and every track hits with fresh energy and fierce character, creating a brilliant, new wave sound that will have you instantly enraptured. From the opening track, ‘Badderz’ which features Phil Sayor, famously known for being the voice of the London Underground, to the hard hitting ‘Wake Up’, that features an acapella verse from the legendary Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist Barrington Levy, every moment on the album has been carefully curated to impress.

The most important collaboration of all though, particularly for CHOZE, is with his own mother, who appears on album closer ‘You’. CHOZE explained, “To close the album I knew my mother was going to record that blessing. She is the reason why I’m here today: she sacrificed so much to create better opportunities for me, my brother, and my sister. She is my inspiration, so I felt it was only right to end the album with my hero.”

Available now on all major platforms, ‘D.I.Y’ is an essential new release for all fans of UK rap.

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