Sydney's Highline unveil news of their debut album and lead single 'Believe Me I'll Run'

Sydney-based independent group Highline has recently unveiled their exceptional indie pop-rock track, 'Believe Me I'll Run'. A track that has us hooked from the very start, the new single from the talented independent indie band centres on a captivating pop-rock aesthetic and soulful vocals that'll hit you in all the right spots.

Released just a short while ago, alongside news of the band's debut album, which is expected on the 19th of April this year, 'Believe Me I'll Run' delivers a fine weave of soothing tones, acoustic rhythm guitar, and steady drums that balance out the warm bass pulses and electric guitar accents perfectly. Caught with reflective tones and a subtle introspective atmosphere, the song sees the band putting their best foot forward.

In every chorus, the music lands with a powerful surge of emotion, enriched by the nuanced introduction of lead guitar, which adds depth and resonance to the arrangement. Throughout, it's Sam Rigney's soulful vocals that truly elevate the song to something special, pushing every moment and delivering heartfelt moments that wonderfully reflect the emotive nature of the lyrics.

With a dynamic ebb and flow that resonates throughout the track and adds emphasis to the nature of the song, it's hard to find fault with any part of 'Believe Me I'll Run'.  Speaking about the song's meaning, Sam shared, “‘Believe Me I’ll Run’ is an admission of sorts that you’re all in on a relationship, regardless of whether the other person is feeling the same way.”

Without a doubt, 'Believe Me I'll Run' shows that Highline are a band on the rise, and the track sets the stage for the upcoming album perfectly. Titled 'Shapes We Figure Out', and set for release on the 19th of April 2024, the album is set to put all eyes firmly on the band. You can pre-order the album now on vinyl via Peach & Sons.

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