Gernado continues to champion modern reggae with new single ‘Lit’

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A prolific reggae star who has been celebrated for his abilities to ‘inspire, empower, and entertain’ through his music, Gernado has been on a hot creative streak in recent years. Riding high on singles like ‘Liveth’ and ‘Golden Heart’, the talented artist, author, and entrepreneur has been tirelessly devoted to his music career.

Recently, Gernado gave us an early preview of his new single, simply titled ‘Lit’, letting us check out the vibrant dancehall-inspired sound ahead of its release on the 29th of February this year. A colourful four-minute cut inspired by Gernado’s love for ‘reggae, dancehall, roots, and riddim’, the new single is a bright and heartfelt release that makes its mark through enjoyable, although sometimes repetitive sounds.

Opening with light glistening tones and a repeated vocal refrain, Gernado builds atmosphere and anticipation early, layering incoming instrumentals and harmonies to bring the track to life. As more pronounced synth tones and semi-tribal percussion creep into focus, Gernado creates a modern reggae sound that portrays both his love and respect for the genre, but also his contemporary creative energy.

The vocals and lyrics are simple, but effective, with Gernado repeating short phrases like ‘we lit’ and lines from ‘This Little Light Of Mine’ between more impressive verses. While the lyrics and vocals are slightly hidden below the layered harmonies and energetic dancehall styles, the production is clean, letting the track shine effortlessly. It’s an unmistakably updated take on traditional reggae, infusing the classic sounds of the genre with new energy and subtle dance vibes to complete the vibrant piece.

Set for release at the end of this month, ‘Lit’ sees Gernado continuing to build his music career, staying true to his passion and style to create an undeniable sound. Proudly embracing his chosen genre and proving that his love and work rate are second to none, Gernado continues to cement his status as one of the most prominent figures in US reggae.

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