Teina - 'Addicted'

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A talented artist set to take 2023 by storm, Teina is bringing some stellar reggae-rock vibes with his brand new single, ‘Addicted’, released today.

At just nineteen years old, Teina has already achieved more than most, pushing his versatile and fun-loving style across the Australian and New Zealand music scenes. Based in Perth, and with a unique blend of Maori and Australian heritage, Teina is a unique voice in modern music, and with each new release, he’s proving just how good he can be.

After making his mark with a pair of impressive singles in 2021, which have gone on to gain over 40,000 combined streams, Teina took his time in crafting his comeback single, instilling it with good vibes, heady rock sounds, and an undeniable creative spark. Following in the footsteps of his previous solo singles, ‘Addicted’ hits in a big way, showcasing a vibrant sound that peaks with massive choruses and some truly titanic guitar solos.

Built on a fantastic fusion of classic indie-rock and new-age reggae, ‘Addicted’ is sure to have you hooked after just one dose, lashing out with a string of powerful choruses, catchy hooks, and a killer hook that perfectly illustrates Teina’s range as an artist.

Speaking about the new single, Teina explained, “My new song ‘Addicted’ has a big indie/rock/reggae vibe with a huge chorus and lots of big licks and solos. It’s my favourite song to date.”

He continued, “The song is about being addicted to a lifestyle and the addicting things that come with that lifestyle, this is a huge song with a huge chorus and huge drops and guitar solos and licks.

Easily Teina’s most impressive track to date, ‘Addicted’ promises to become a breakthrough hit for the young artist, and we can’t wait to see where he goes next.

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