The Shed Project - 'If You're Getting Busy (You’re Getting Better)'

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Following on from their last rollercoaster single ‘If You Know You Know’, Bolton band The Shed Project are back with a special collaborative release, joining forces with mental health and addiction organisation Whysup to deliver 'If You're Getting Busy (You’re Getting Better)'.

A beautiful acoustic based ballad, with a signature Shed Project twist, it's the first single taken from their forthcoming sophomore album, to be released in Autumn this year. Full of lush melodies, laid back musicianship and uplifting lyrics the song deals with the painful subject of loss of a loved one.

Teaming up once again to raise funds for Bolton based mental health organisation WhysUp, the single aims to spread the word on addiction and mental health. 'If You’re Getting Busy (You’re Getting Better)' sees The Shed Project prove they have no issue in honestly tackling a taboo subject like mental health and addiction. The track features plenty of catchy guitar hooks before out of nowhere an explosive guitar solo will have you in spellbound. Similarly, the heartfelt and emotional vocals really captures the mood of the song and sees the project making their mark in perfect form.

The acoustic ballad is set to feature on the bands second album, which will be released in the autumn, and is released the week before they start their first UK tour taking in The Water Rats in London (25th Feb); Dead Wax in Birmingham (18th March) and Audio in Glasgow (22nd April) (support coming from MC Tunes, Laurie Wright, Sam Lambeth and Nick Shane).

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