The Antenna Tribe – ‘Plain Sight (Not the Same Song)’

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Over the past year, The Antenna Tribe has been creating a brilliant and wonderfully immersive sound, capturing a unique dark-pop aesthetic that has never failed to impress. Recently, the talented producer delivered the undeniable ‘Elastic Crowns’, a project that perfected their effortless electronic sound, offering stellar lo-fi vibes and chilled tempos that collided beautifully over ethereal electronic melodies.

While most projects might view this as a time to relax and reflect on current achievements, The Antenna Tribe are already back in the spotlight, creating a new era with the release of ‘Plain Sight (Not the Same Song)’. Released worldwide via all major streaming services on July 22nd this year, the new single sees the project continuing to collaborate with the talented singer Silke, who helps to deliver another otherworldly performance.

Featuring a minimalist groove that beats at the very centre of the track, ‘Plain Sight (Not the Same Song)’, shifts through rolling, ambient synths and a stark ethereal backing that balances out the vibrant melodic hook. As Silke steps in and delivers her soulful vocals, the track evolves to become a dreamy epic that demands to be heard.

Available now on all major platforms, as well as part of our very own annual Spotify playlist for 2022‘Plain Sight (Not the Same Song)’ is a hypnotic blend of pulsating lo-fi beats, tantalising synths, and ethereal vocals that never fail to impress.

You can stream the new single above via Spotify or check out the official music video that features a beautiful woman posing in front of psychedelic scenes. For more, make sure you follow The Antenna Club on their social media pages, so you never miss a new release.

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