Squid The Kid - 'Cater'

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Squid The Kid mesmerises in latest single ‘Cater’ which sees the stylish East-Melbournian rapping over woozy R&B, softly smoked-out soul, and a deliciously grooving lo-fi jazz-hop beat. Warm and relaxed grooves shift around Squid’s immediately identifiable voice who joins the prolific international community of melodic jazz rappers, championed by trail-blazers Loyle Carner, Mac Miller and Ivan Ave.

The minimal yet colourful production, courtesy of Michael Elia, complements the unique timbre of Squid’s voice. Equal parts artsy, electronic and minimal, the beat is familiar yet exciting in its simplicity. Over this, Squid lays a flow that is undoubtedly stylish - containing that innate sound of a laid-back yet confident vocal master who works with, not on top of, the beat.

The writing of ‘Cater’ is rooted in the experiential wisdom of personal observations. Spotlighting an intimate moment of self-reflection, Squid makes astute observations of the softer side a relationship can elicit within you - the want to simply ‘cater’ to your other half. As Squid explained, “The origins of this song were from a misunderstanding that I had with my girlfriend at the time. My mind wasn’t clear, there was something bugging it. At that moment I realised what I wanted this song to signify. I really took reference from Destiny's Child ‘Cater 2 U’, the main message of their song was how they just want to look after and care for their loved one.”

Taking the leap of faith and dropping out of his studies, Squid decided to pursue his dream of being a musician, with his debut single ‘Wintertime’ in 2019 that received an abundance of local praise. Thriving off his surroundings, and the collaborative community of music, Squid co-founded the humorous collective Kozy Kids - reminiscent of the early days of Odd Future.

Named as a finalist for the 2021 ‘Vans Musicians Wanted’ competition, which was judged by the likes of Denzel Curry and Sean Miyashiro from 88 Rising, Squid comes into 2022 on a career high. He was further a finalist in the St. Kilda Festivals ‘New Music Competition’ as well as featuring on the main stage at Melbourne’s annual Moomba Festival, ‘Cater’ marks the seventh single from the up-and-comer.

The launch show for ‘Cater’ will be held at Laundry Bar on Thursday August 4th. Supported by Julia Nostrom and Dan Dibb, the night stands to be a laid-back offering of some of Melbourne’s most complementary R&B, rap and chilled acts.

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