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The Bluechips - ‘I Tried’

  • 2 min read

A musical group who ‘pulsate with the energy of musicians unafraid to express themselves in whatever direction they choose to follow’ The Bluechips have shared their standout new single ‘I Tried’, an emotive R&B single that is sure to impress.

Taken fromtheir 2020 album ‘What A Girl Wants’, ‘I Tried’ lands as a beautifully poignant piece, delivering heartfelt instrumentals that swirl around longing refrains. Musically, it’s an emotive take on modern R&B, stitching together subtle notes and group harmonies with a rousing backbeat to create a truly captivating sound.

There’s a gorgeous and heartbreaking moment when the vocals drift into focus, revealing the haunting refrain of “I used to love you”, while lingering piano notes and glistening synths float in the foreground. It’s honest, accessible, and all too relatable, capturing a cleverly curated wave of emotion that will have anyone hooked in an instant. Available now, alongside the full album, ‘I tried’ is a gorgeous introduction to The Bluechips that can rival some of the great R&B ballads.

After starting to release music as a collective in 2020, The Bluechips have continued to explore boundaries and stretch themselves into new creative spaces. Based in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, their music is a melting pot of styles and influences that lends itself perfectly to their free and spirited dynamic. 

Their independently released album ‘What A Girl Wants’ is a breathtaking example of the organic skills the The Bluechips possess. The album as a whole, is a perfect illustration of their vision and versatility, and their growing fanbase and list of accolades is a testament to their dedication. Most recently, the band have been venturing into the realms of multimedia, advertising, and video production, showing there is nothing they can’t turn their hands to.

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