The DusT – ‘Here to Stay’

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The acclaimed project of Roberto Grillo, The DusT first came under notice in 2001 with the release of his rustic demo, ‘In God We Trust’. It was a release that fuelled the fire and laid the foundation for more to come, and now, over twenty years later, The DusT is continuing to impress with new singles like ‘Here to Stay’.

A wonderfully intriguing project that routinely denies being easily classified or pigeonholed, The DusT creates bold, enduring soundscapes that flitter through contemporary funk, acid jazz, alt-pop and more, stitching together overarching melodies with sweeping psychedelic and progressive influences. The results are always surprising, and constantly engaging, creating a sense of glamour and perfectionism that act as foundations of The DusT’s musical philosophy.

Within the new single, there’s an incredible amount to enjoy, and it stays true to The DusT’s creative vision with a sense of ease and defiance. Speaking about the single, Roberto explained, that it was a “total self-production, even in the recording of each instrument (guitars apart)”.

At its core, ‘Here to Stay’ hits with a strong vocal performance and stinging guitar kicks, sharping itself around some catchy instrumentals and bold, happy vibes that extend to every part of the single. It’s a song that is constantly changing, evolving over time and drawing you in with every twist and turn. You can stream ‘Here to Stay’ below via Spotify.

Available now alongside The DusT’s ever-building back-catalogue, ‘Here to Stay’ has become a central part of our annual Spotify playlist, championing a brilliant and wonderfully exciting sound that will have you enraptured. For more from The DusT, make sure you check out his social media pages below.

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