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The Guest Survivors – ‘I’m So Proud Of You’

  • 2 min read

A small band in Indiana, The Guest Survivors are one of the latest new acts to pop on our radar, and they’ve done so with the release of their rustic rock single ‘I’m So Proud Of You’.

Their debut single, ‘I’m So Proud Of You’ is the first, and only, glimpse into the band so far. With barely any information available and only two posts on their Instagram page, The Guest Survivors have conjured up a unique musical identity. Like an open letter or blank canvas, the band’s enigmatic style leaves only one concrete idea for us to cling to, their music.

Released only a few days ago to little fanfare, ‘I’m So Proud Of You’ is a rough-and-ready punk-rock anthem that hits with plenty of grit and determination, drawing you back to the harsh DIY sounds of the late ‘70s and the brash early-grunge energy of the early ‘90s. Featuring a whirling of heavy guitar riffs, thunderous percussion, and snarling, raw vocals, the single breaks ground with a fierce volley of old school sounds that are impossible to ignore.

Unpolished and filled with reckless DIY energy, ‘I’m So Proud Of You’ is an anthem that would feel well at home on Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’, or any of Dead Kennedys’ and Minor Threat’s early releases. It’s heavy, eager, and filled with angst, lashing out with a brutality that carries the song through wave after waves of brash sound and wild, jagged vocals.

Available now on Spotify and as part of our annual playlist, ‘I’m So Proud Of You’ is short, caustic, and absolutely undeniable, knocking away the glossy sounds of the mainstream and revelling in dirty, punk-rock riffs.

Tune in to the new cut above and don’t forget to lend your support to the band by following them on Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify below.

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