Roma Orme – ‘Creases’

A new talent from the creative heart of the UK, Roma Orme has spent the last few years filling her Soundcloud page with smooth indie anthems that shine with limitless appeal. After refining her talents and creating a unique sound for herself, Roma has released her most ambitious project to date, a dedicated new EP, and what’s more, she’s shared the very first single from it.

A fiercely original talent, Roma’s music arrives in the lyrical style of the blues, capturing a timeless, soulful style. Free, emotive, and constantly evolving, her music is about creating space and intricate melodies that flow with a bold, mystical sound that is equal parts realism and surrealism. In her own words, Roma explained that she “literally ‘woke up one morning’ four years ago and started singing her ‘dead’ poems to bring them to life. Later fusing them with her unusual compositions.”

She continued, describing herself as “an accidental astronaut, as it feels out of this world to be making music, with no prior musical experience.” Through it all though, Roma already has one album to her name, and the upcoming release of her new EP is ample reason to celebrate.

Recorded on her humble houseboat in Kent, the new EP promises to be one of her most important releases to date and lead single ‘Creases’ certainly sets the standard. Speaking openly about the new track in a press release, the new single unfolded, "With its minimal beats and disembodied vocals Roma Orme’s new single Creases has an intimacy that draws you in and holds you in a tight sweaty embrace. We get lost in a whirlwind of love and separation, like counting your newly beloved eyelashes, only to lose them as soon as you’re finished counting." 

The new EP, 'No One Can Tell Us Who To Love' is set to be released on the 24th of October this year and promises to be a wonderful DIY project. Tune into the new single above, and make sure you keep an ear out for the full EP with its drops.

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