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The Jode Gannon Band - ‘Don’t Let The Fire Go Out’

  • 2 min read

A talented band led by Australia’s own Jode Gannon, The Jode Gannon Band first made a name for themselves by delivering bold rock anthems that shone with a country twist. Now, the band are back in the spotlight with a brand new single, exploring modern dance sounds with the brilliant ‘Don’t Let The Fire Go Out’. A vibrant dance-pop anthem released with DJ and producer Arthur Conseil, it’s a glistening new cut that deserves to be heard.

Released in the final days of October, the new single is a brilliant continuation of the shimmering electronic sounds that were hinted at in previous single ‘Breathe In’. Through a brilliant collaboration with Arthur Conseil, best known under his moniker of ATH, The Jode Gannon Band have delivered a perfectly polished and infinitely entertaining single that shines with modern pop anthemics.

While it has only been available for a week or so, ‘Don’t Let The Fire Go Out’ has already become one of The Jode Gannon Band’s most notable releases, showcasing a fully-realised new side to their sound that is absolutely undeniable. Pushed forward by shimmering synth tones, pulsating beats, and calling vocals that move through the melody with ease, the single is a well-balanced blend of The Jode Gannon Band’s evocative vocals and ATH’s scintillating tones.

Available on all major streaming services, ‘Don’t Let The Fire Go Out’ delivers a fresh and invigorating mix that'll have you crying out for more. You can stream the song in full below via Spotify.

While it might be a big change from the textured indie sounds that The Jode Gannon Band first arrived with, the electro-pop anthemics of ‘Don’t Let The Fire Go Out’ is utterly irresistible, ensuring that even the most ardent of indie rock fans will be able to enjoy it. Proving that talent isn’t confined by genre, The Jode Gannon Band’s new single deserves all the praise and attention it can get.

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