Kathrine Jackie - ‘Need A Favor’

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A brilliant singer and songwriter who is Southern-born and bred, Kathrine Jackie is back with a stellar cover of Jelly Roll’s ‘Need A Favor’. Taking charge of the country rock anthem, Kathrine perfectly reflects the emotional weight of the song, making it her own and adding a heartfelt personal twist.

An unforgettable release that takes you on a journey through tough times, heartbreaking moments, and all too relatable struggles, Kathrine has passionately recreated the single, keeping the heavy emotional weight of the track, while also making it her own. Opening with a sweeping orchestra sound built on choired vocals, the song perfectly transitions into a soulful Southern anthem. Heightened by a poignant fiddle solo, Kathrine’s vocals hit with power and passion, lifting the track to a whole new level.

A track that sees raw emotions and unyielding musical power collide, Kathrine’s version of ‘Need A Favor’ is a heartfelt plea for help, and a message that stirs deep within all of us. Available now on all major streaming platforms, there is a deep magic to Kathrine’s cover version that will resonate with every broken heart and damaged soul.

Along with the new release, Kathrine is also teasing the upcoming music video, which promises to match the emotional weight of the single. While we’ll have to wait a little longer for the video, you can stream the stellar cover via Spotify now.

Having been trained as a young prodigy by Judith Fredrick of Opera New York, Kathrine has become a powerhouse performer, showcasing in her music the power, discipline, and talent that were fostered in New York. Her music has become a stunning vessel for her personal experiences and innermost thoughts, creating hard-hitting releases that connect with those in need of hope and solace.

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