The Penske File - 'Half Glow'

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After five years, Ontario pop-punk outfit The Penske File are back with their long-awaited fourth studio album, 'Half Glow.' A record that underwent multiple iterations due to pandemic-induced delays, 'Half Glow' delves into the various facets of life we all experience, both the ups and downs, while ultimately exuding a sense of hope, even in the face of adversity.

The album commences with 'Bad Dreams', a captivating track that begins with dreamy guitar strumming and transitions into a catchy pop-rock anthem. Right from the start, listeners are embraced by a comforting aura. Throughout the record, a pleasant familiarity emanates from each song, evoking nostalgic feelings of youth. It's the kind of album that can turn a bad mood into a joyful one, thanks to the continuous stream of dopamine it offers with each track. Even when addressing more serious themes, the music manages to instill a hopeful outlook, and you can't resist dancing along to its infectious beats.

Each song on the album provides a unique form of escape from life's worries. Whether it's the throwback to the 60s found in the recent single 'Chorus Girl', the montage-like experience of a coming-of-age film in 'Wolves Gather', or the pure bliss and bounce of tracks like 'Will We Ever Know', 'We're Both Alive', and 'Hurricane Head', to name a few, The Penske File's new record has something for everyone.

The pinnacle of the album arrives with 'Lovers After Midnight', a nearly seven-minute-long track that encapsulates the contrasting moods present throughout the record. The first half carries a melancholic tone, touching on the fear of aging and finding one's place in the world, prompting moments of introspection. But the mood takes an abrupt turn, transitioning into a fast-paced pop-punk track that dispels all doubts, replacing them with unadulterated joy and a desire to dance. This song serves as a perfect summary of the album's essence.

Above all, 'Half Glow' is an album designed to spread happiness and cheer. It serves as a reminder of all the positive aspects of life and feels like a warm embrace from a friend, reassuring you that everything will eventually fall into place. It's a delightful dopamine hit that everyone deserves to experience.

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