Arz - 'Can't Commit'

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Following the release of his latest single 'Emirates', the immensely popular and trailblazing rap sensation Arz wastes no time in unveiling his highly-anticipated album 'Can't Commit'. This ten-track project showcases Arz's triumphant evolution into a bonafide superstar, as he seizes control of his artistic journey and refuses to let anything overshadow his brilliance. With a focus on love and relationships, the album delves into the unfiltered and authentic experiences of young love.

Ever since the explosive success of his viral hit single 'Alone With You' in the summer of 2021, Arz has emerged as one of the brightest stars emanating from East London. His meteoric rise has seen him dominate charts not only within the continent but also across international borders, thanks to a string of improbable smash hits. Arz's lyrics capture the essence of youthful romance, encompassing both its innocence and the sharp pangs of heartbreak. Standing as a key figure in the emerging wave of hip hop artists, he has garnered billions of global streams, cementing his place in the industry.

Speaking about the project, Arz explained, "'Can't Commit' is a 10-song mixtape that takes listeners on a journey through the daily conflicts surrounding love, relationships, and lifestyle," reveals Arz. "Exploring new flows, content, and new worlds, this mixtape revisits the formula that sparked my musical journey five years ago when I often searched and used YouTube beats. This project has more depth than ever, and in the second half of 2023, you will undoubtedly gain a deeper understanding of Arz."

At just nineteen years old, Arz has rapidly ascended to the pinnacle of music industry stardom. His exceptional talent lies in the fusion of love and relationship themes with intricately crafted beats that have mesmerised audiences throughout the past year. Fearlessly embracing vulnerability in his musical expressions, Arz defies conventions and elicits profound emotions within his listeners. Nurturing a passion for music from an early age, Arz's unwavering dedication to his craft propelled him toward a path of artistic distinction. Encouraged by the resounding applause received during impromptu freestyle sessions with friends, he made the courageous decision to forsake his collegiate pursuits and wholeheartedly devote himself to music, birthing a sound that would soon sweep the world by storm.

With 'Can't Commit', Arz seeks to forge an authentic connection with his audience, offering a unique perspective on the intricacies of everyday life and relationships. Although, his aspirations transcend the realm of music, as he harbours a deep-seated ambition to explore the world of acting. Already gracing music videos and short films for renowned artists, Arz envisions a future where he can effortlessly pursue both his passion for music and his affinity for the performing arts.

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