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The Raccoons – ‘Cold Shoulder’

  • 2 min read

In the closing days of 2021, Tasmanian rockers The Raccoons delivered their most expressive and titanic release to date, firing on all cylinders with their sixteen-track epic, ‘Panic’. A formidable release, it stood strong as a modern rockabilly thriller, and today, we’re proud to shine a light on one of the album’s most impressive cuts, the undeniable ‘Cold Shoulder’.

Inspired by English Teddy Boy bands and pub rockers like Dr Feelgood, The Raccoons are a band in a league of their own, championing a unique blend of rockabilly blues and old school rock ‘n’ roll that still stands to this day. In 2012, the band reformed with newfound vigour, catching the ear of Raucous Records, and going on to release a string of impressive releases such as their official and long-awaited debut album, ‘All Draped Up’.

A expansive sixteen-track release that simply refuses to quit, ‘Panic’ is a rockabilly juggernaut that hits the ground running and never once pauses for breath. Armed with all the trademark sounds of classic rockabilly music, the teddy boy four-piece waste no time in making their mark, delivering a stellar opening cut in ‘Hot Rod Dawn’, a fiery track that emerges from the sweet sounds of engines revving and some thunderous percussive beats. As the track builds, the boys unleash a timeless medley of rhythm guitar, upright bass, and some self-assured vocals, laying a steady foundation with a strong automotive anthem.

Easily one of their highlights of the full release, ‘Cold Shoulder’ cements the band’s sound and style, delivering plenty of intense rhythms and sharp vocal twangs that bring the 1950’s back to your stereo. Breaking the mould with clever, textured twists and gorgeous shades of the original rockabilly scene, it hits with immediacy and emotion.

A release that defiantly stands apart from the crowd, ‘Panic’ is the beating heart of yesteryear dragged into the modern age, and it’s an absolute joy to hear. Filled with fast-paced, toe-tapping, and wonderfully authentic anthems about cars, girls, and everything in between, ‘Panic’ is an album that Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, and Carl Perkins would be proud of.

Check out the single above, along with the full album, and be sure to give The Raccoons a follow on their social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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