Beth Keeping - 'I'm Not Looking For A Friend'

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A UK based singer-songwriter with a captivating voice and eloquent flair for storytelling, Beth Keeping has a unique talent for crafting colourful pop melodies and empowering themes. With her honest and wistful songwriting, she artfully connects people around the world, with self-worth and sincerity being at the forefront of her music.

Inspired by artists such as Lauv, Julia Michaels and John Mayer and with a Taylor Swift-esque style, Keeping has gained global attention, travelling to Singapore, Ireland and the USA to lend her writing skills to other artists. After receiving an allied response from fans and critics for some of her previous releases, and gaining close to a million views on TikTok over the pandemic, Keeping felt inspired to start focusing on her own music as an artist.

On her new single, the undeniable 'I’m not looking for a friend', Beth delivers a vibey new release exploring situationships and self-confidence. With influences from electro-pop producer Zedd shining through, the liberating track is flushed with airy, uplifting melodies and playful synths, creating a dance-worthy, sing-along anthem.

Beth explained, “It’s about being clear on what you want and intentional about going after it. It recognises that friendships can gradually develop into something more, and this process can be complicated and confusing, but you can’t sit in that space forever - eventually you have to make a decision either way.”

In modern dating, we can get so preoccupied with acting cool and casual, and not wanting to show our hand, however the new track challenges people to be more intentional and open about what they want.

Keeping’s desire to champion and empower women is evident not only through her song lyrics, but also in her initiative 'Write Like A Girl', which shines a light on female songwriters. Having only been founded in 2018, it has grown exponentially with two UK tours and sell-out writers round shows in London, Newcastle and Bristol. These successes, along with her music gaining places on prestigious Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday and New Pop UK, is just a taste of what we expect to see from her in 2022.

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