The Silent Era deliver scintillating industrial sounds in new single ‘Heaven//Hell’

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Riding high on a wave of dark, ‘90s alt-rock sounds, The Silent Era have recently shared their stellar third single ‘Heaven//Hell’, unleashing “a dark and atmospheric track about the struggle to discern good from evil, and the process of healing from betrayal and abuse.”

Steeped in relentless dark energy, angular rhythms, and some heavy alt-rock vibes, the new single seamlessly builds off stark, industrial tones and sweeping shoegaze elements, layering a perfect platform for the haunting vocals and deep cathartic moments. Dark and atmospheric, the song artfully navigates personal suffering, healing, and trust reclamation, drawing from authentic experiences of manipulation and betrayal.

A unique and impactful listening experience, ‘Heaven//Hell’ is a perfect example of how The Silent Era can create expansive and emotive worlds through their music,stitching together rich themes, relatable moments, with introspective layers that showcase their raw and potent sound. 

Alongside the release of ‘Heaven//Hell’, the band have also showcased two additional tracks, a live cut titled ‘Scorpio (Slowpio version) – Live at Brighton Electric’, which was recorded from Brighton Electric Studios, and a new Brutalist Remix of ‘Heaven//Hell’ by Nicolas Zappa. All three cuts are available now on The Silent Era’s Bandcamp page.

The Silent Era’s journey began in 2018 with Chris, Nicolas, and drummer Conor, rising from the disbandment of Ghost Wives. Bri, fresh from Black Palms, and drummer Jo from Silhouettes complete the lineup, forging resilience and evolution. Regular gigs around London have showcased the band’s commitment, and with tracks like ‘Heaven//Hell’ gaining international acclaim, they’re well on their way to become one of the most notable acts in the UK today.

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